Transportation – Our future is riding on it!

Funding Plan

Did you know that Minnesota's Highway Trust Fund collects revenue from three main sources?

  • Fuel taxes
  • License tab fees
  • Sales tax on cars and trucks

Minnesota's Constitution requires that money from these user fees be deposited in the Highway Trust Fund and used only for highway purposes. You can rest assured that these dollars can't be used for any other purpose – only for improving the transportation system we use every day.

How much would a nickel increase in the gas tax cost you over the course of a year?

Just $50 per year. That's less than $1 per week to have safer highways and roads in better condition.

How much does a front-end alignment cost?

Anywhere from $100 to $700 depending the car.

How much do you pay per year for cell phone service?

$200? $300? At $50 per month, that adds up to $600!

Here's the bottom line: an incremental increase in dedicated user fees means we all pay a little more and we all get a much better transportation system.