Transportation – Our future is riding on it!
Improved transit.

Send a Message to Lawmakers in Washington: We need to improve our Highways and Transit Systems

Better roads, more frequent transit service, faster and safer travel – it's all possible. Taking care of our state's transportation infrastructure is a core government function. Let key government officials know that they need to address problems on our transportation system.

The federal Highway Trust Fund will go broke in August unless Congress takes action! We have projects here in Minnesota that are risk if federal transportation funding is not stabilized. With MAP-21 set to expire at the end of September, a multi-year reauthorization needs to be passed this fall to maintain our transportation infrastructure.

Our transportation infrastructure needs can’t wait. Every year projects are delayed adds more cost to the bottom line for taxpayers. Our roads are riddled with potholes and more bridges need repair or replacement. We need action to increase investments in highway bottlenecks, deficient bridges, and inadequate transit service.

Our state can’t afford for Congress to do nothing. If we want to attract businesses, increase exports, add jobs and reduce unnecessary fatalities on our roadways, we need your leadership to get the job done. Minnesota needs to move ahead with plans to finish key highway corridors and build a modern transit system that gets people around our metropolitan area while allowing for increased freight movement in rural areas. Families can’t afford the cost of auto repairs from hitting potholes and wasted time and fuel stuck in traffic.

Modest increases in dedicated user fees can get all of us moving again. Please take action to fund improvements in the safety and quality of Minnesota’s transportation system.


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